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We’ve made great progress in addressing the under-representation of ethnic and racial groups in leadership positions.

Thank you for your interest in changing the face of leadership in the Greater Toronto Region.

When CivicAction and Maytree launched DiverseCity: The Greater Toronto Leadership Project in 2008, we knew from experience that the decision makers and power brokers in our city region did not reflect the diverse face of our population.

To make change happen, we needed to convince others to join us. CivicAction and Maytree initiated an annual research report to map and track the levels of diversity in leadership. The first report showed that only 13% of the city region’s leadership were visible minorities versus 49.5% of the population studied. To address this gap, we created a series of action-oriented leadership development initiatives that enabled hundreds of new leaders to emerge across the public, corporate and nonprofit sectors.

For a summary of the project’s results, read Insights on Diversity in Leadership.

Two DiverseCity programs will continue and have found new homes:

  • DiverseCity Fellows is now part of CivicAction’s leadership programs. Find out more.
  • DiverseCity onBoard is now part of the Global Diversity Exchange and has its own website. Find out more.